Over-simplification will be the death of us


Seen the movie “The Matrix”? Still remember the synopsis? Okay don’t worry. I’ve got it covered. So, the storyline goes that somehow artificially intelligent machines which were once under the direct or indirect commands of man are now dominating the world. They’ve grown exponentially and have confiscated every infrastructure that was ever under man’s control. They even control the production of human beings whom they keep under the influence of a virtually augmented reality. So now there’s these group of programmers who have somehow dodged this assault by the machines and are plotting to conceive and materialize their idea of reacquiring their once lost world. For this purpose, they’ve their savior. The chosen one, “Neo”.

So, what exactly went wrong that doomed the whole of mankind and put it on the Forbes 2040 list of endangered species?

Why does man build tools and machines? Why has man made vehicles? Why has man made calculators and computers? Why has man made electric bulbs? Why has man made beds and sofas? Why has man made televisions? Why has man made airplanes and bullet trains? Why has man made mobile phones? Why has man made air conditioners and refrigerators? Why has man made washing machines? Why has man suddenly improved and advanced machines by automating them? Why is man now building flying cars? Why is man making robots? And why is man now developing artificial intelligence?

From the first spinning wheel to the latest tech in artificial intelligence, man has been creating and building machines so as to attain help for matters that otherwise would look inconceivable. The desire for help and for making things go fast and as simply as possible has started an era of “Over-simplification” that is deteriorating the human state of being a human. Simplification in everything is becoming the new sexy. Short-cuts are the new brainy ways to achieving something faster.

Man has made trains faster than the speed of sound. Since in this hyper-consumer world, time is not something that is available in infinite supplies so, man is always looking out for ways that foster timeliness scurrying. Even food is ordered on take-aways and on-the-go eatables are preferred rather than having peaceful and comfortable family dinners/lunches. Even mobile phones and laptops are being used whilst eating. This sure is a well-thought and productive use of the two hands we are gifted with.

The world is fast forwarding with little intent to slow down and to contemplate as per the validity and rightness of the direction that has been chosen. There’s suddenly just no stopping to man. Resources that are finite in amount are being hurled away indifferently. Material gains are superior and automated helping hands are being developed and improved constantly.


Such simplification is ruinous in which even for movie watching, one prefers relaxing on a cozy couch at his/her home rather than a cinema tour, and a hefty monthly subscription for Netflix takes charge of everything. People are growing sick, ill tempered, sulky, sensitive and hyper-emotional owing to such simplification of lives. There’s hardly any effort and exertion that would strengthen the body and thus, the mind. This is one reason that we freak out even at the first sight of any toughness or hardship as we have never practiced going through that process of developing and strengthening ourselves. We’re getting obese and morbid out of our zero enthusiasm for getting for once, out of our simple ways. “Hard” just seems too hard to deal with. Even bottle opening is a task now too hard to undertake for most. Sitting at laptops that take care of almost everything is one of the most favorable and enjoyable labors for many. Even absurd are the exercise machines such as tread mills and exercise bikes. The ease of simplification of our routinely ways has put us on a path that knows effort as one of the many names of the devil. The devil incarnate I suppose.
Books are even read like PDFs. The phone’s got it all. From contacting and communicating to acting as virtual assistants, a mobile phone has become a man’s best friend, leaving dogs out of the league. And the irony is that even with all this over-simplification, we still complain about the hardness and sternness of life. Well partner that ain’t true. The truth however surmises that man’s over-simplified life has had such a gruesome effect on him that he has lost all energy for effort. This has turned man’s physical self in a reverberating jelly, and the brain, a sensitized and apprehensive gooey matter of the body.

So, what to do? Burn all tech that makes life easy? Throw away mobile phones? Destroy refrigerators and micro-wave ovens? (Well good luck with these items from your mother’s dowry) Tear apart the cars? No. Not in any case no. But having ourselves hopelessly and helplessly dependent on such contraptions is a shortcoming we might not completely for-see. The solution should lie in going the normal ways for once. Incorporating some of the ancient or long-forgotten ways of living in our dull, drab and hectic lives. Like going to the office should contain a small walk from the car to the office gate, not that the car is taken almost inside the office and then an elevator is chosen that will help ease the effort of the staircase. Water should be fetched on one’s own and any reliance on chauffeurs and maids must be instantly cut off. It’s a reason why most rich people die earlier than the servants they ever employed. The constant physical effort and movement of these men and women strengthens their bodies and immunizes them against even the severe of illnesses whereas the luxury softened rich are seen raving like children even at the first instance of a 99C fever.

People should start having concerns for their physical health too rather than simply focusing on their mental well-being because the mind can only function properly if the body incentivizes the functionality. We should at least try every once in a while, to live above this partial and self-induced paralysis. Last but not the least. Simplification of things is good, but over-simplification isn’t. it might be cool to think of one as Mr. Tony stark with a Jarvis to look after almost every affair of the life, but guess what! You ain’t iron man. You ain’t efforting and toiling towards saving the world so snap out of your stark routines and get back in the game for a normal life, else over-simplification will indeed be the death of us.



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