Love knows no bounds


“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination, full of hope” – Maya Angelou
A time comes in everybody’s life or almost everybody’s life that they accidentally or willfully fall in love with someone. This first love feels enigmatic but certain, bitter but sweet, foolish but wise, painful but beautiful. It’s this same love that shapes someone’s life dramatically or partially. Some find their eternal partner in this same love whilst others acquire an experience that helps them further in their lives until they fall in love again, with the right person, and their love story gets completed.
The famous English philosopher and essayist Francis Bacon (1561-1626) in his argumentative essay “Of Love” states that love makes people act in very different ways. People consumed by love find themselves having “great spirits and “weak passions”. He further states that “it is impossible to love, and to be wise.” One might agree with his statements but I tend to disagree with every word of them. Loving does make a person wise. It makes us tolerant and patient, it makes us kind and selfless, it shows us beauty in everything and everyone, it does not revel or take pride in sin or hatred, it forgets and moves on, it makes companionship important, it takes eternal bliss in co-existence with the beloved, it gives us hope and empowers us to endure whatever comes. Love is passionate. It doesn’t drain our energies rather energizes and incentivizes us to achieve great feats. It strengthens us in goodness and weakens all spirits of evil and wrongdoing in us. It purifies us from corruption and instills in us a greatness that knows no bounds. It is stable. Simple to say is that “love is perfect”.

A perfect passion for an imperfect creation.
It’s easy to generalize statements and narrations based on a limited experience of the self but to deliberate distinctively is a task unfathomable by most. Many have been heard speaking at length about how love is the sole thing that hurts and that love is what turns hopes and dreams into ashes and dust. But it’s not true for all. Most importantly, it’s not even true for anyone. How can love hurt? The one true phenomenon that differentiates life from the non-existence of life is love. Love is simply incapable of hurting. Hurt, sadness, despondency, hopelessness, dread, fear, etc. do not fall under the ambit of love. Its one’s own expectations that hurt one. Take an example. A child gets into a little argument with his/her parents on a new Iron Man toy that’s just hit the markets. The child stops eating and drinking. The expectation being, the parents would feel pain for their child’s empty stomach and in their desperate love for their child, would run towards the market to instantly fetch that toy. But what if the parents would not bother. What if they would simply choose to ignore their aggravated child and sleep peacefully with the notion that when famished, the child would himself/herself fetch something from the refrigerator to eat? What then? The child would cry hopelessly. So, what caused the hurt that instigated pools and pools of tears? The child’s own expectations from his/her parents whom he expected to deliver their part of the love in the form of that Iron Man toy.


Then how come love hurts? It doesn’t. Why? Because love is a divine passion.
Pause and think. It doesn’t take long when one contemplates on the existence of this universe, the beauty and vastness of it all, its holy dread and magnanimity and in the center of it all, humanity. But ponder again and you might realize that this limitless and infinite universe was created for one reason only- Love. Allah (SWT) narrates in the Holy Quran that He made the universe and the earth for us and in particular, just one person, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). It was purely out of love for His beloved, the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) that the Allah Almighty created this universe and everything in it. And what a wonder this love is that the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) despite being a human, was honored with having a casual meet-up with the mightiest of the mighty, the Allah Almighty whom none have seen, none except the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.).
Now to another interesting revelation. The Allah Almighty narrates to his creation, us humans, that His love for us is greater than the love of seventy mothers. Why a mother? Why the example of a mother? Why not a father, a brother, a sister, a son, a daughter? Why a mother?

Allah (SWT) loves all humanity because He (SWT) created us all. He (SWT) has made us all himself, with utmost care and perfection. Quite similar is the case of a mother who just bore a child from her womb. It’s like experiencing a smaller version of the production of a tiny human. And since a mother goes intimately through this process of delivering a living breathing human being from her womb, she instantly develops a sincere and selfless bond with that child, whom she carried around in utter discomfort and pain for around nine months in her belly. So, we can deduce from it that the process of creation and the intimacy involved in it is itself the root reason behind this utmost love from Allah Almighty towards his most superior of creation, human beings. Now to the part where the love of a mother is the sole target of description. A mother forgives the most, bears the most, teaches the most and loves the most. She accepts all the flaws of her child and still loves with all her heart and soul. She is always cognizant of the nature and choices of her child and aspires for her child, the best in the world. And so does Allah Almighty, but at a much higher level that is beyond comprehension and thoughtful deliberation.
So, what does one understand from all this?
Love is the actual reason behind this magnanimous and jaw-dropping creation and love is the only phenomenon that should be allowed the space to grow limitlessly in this world. Love and love alone is the one thing that transcends time and space and is not bounded by anything or anyone. So, love! Love until there’s no more of hurt left. Love until there’s only love.



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