With the accidental advent of diversified branches of biological studies, the unpleasant and agonizing world of diseases has always been into the limelight amongst the medical professionals and intellectuals, learned people, and laymen. It is no surprising that, almost every individual irrespective of region, creed and culture, is battling with the lethal diseases steadily, as evident from the list of hundreds of phobias that inhabit the souls and bodies of millions of people.
The day, observed eagerly on April 7 every year, clearly reminds the inhabitants of the globe to take into consideration their health cautiously and to prioritize it over all other aspects of their lives. The day is known ‘World Health Day’ globally. Several organizations, which are the promoters of the tenet, “Healthy World”, in particularly, intend to seek the global healthiness. One of such organizations is World Health Organization (WHO), which objectivizes ‘the attainment of highest possible level of health’ as its prime purpose.
The article, especially, illustrates the major causes of deaths in the current world, which have been studied and analyzed profoundly by the experts of WHO and have been assisted by some astonishing records as well. I am going to list down the foremost causes of deaths around the globe below, Let it be incepted now:
Before shedding light on the acknowledged causes of deaths, the readers must be informed that, these causes have been taken from the research paper/factsheet of WHO.
Generally, the term “Ischaemic” refers to the insufficient blood supply to an area due to the blockage of the blood vessels in human body. If the preceding term is simplified for your comprehension at ease, it can be elaborated as an organ of the human’s body, which is unable to get enough blood and oxygen. Particularly, Ischaemic heart disease, which is denoted by the narrowed heart (coronary) arteries that are subjected to supply blood to the heart muscle, is the prevalent among other ischemic problems. This is also termed Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) or Coronary Artery Disease.
One of the major causes of the narrowing or damaging of arteries is the formation of plaque (cholesterol-containing deposits). When a plaque is developed, it narrows the coronary arteries by lowering the blood flow to the heart. The lowered blood flow can result, thus, in angina pectoris (chest pain).

The symptoms of this calamitous disease include:

  • Chest pain (angina pectoris)-On the middle or left side of the chest, you can experience this pain. The physical or emotional stress is the triggering factors for angina.
  • Shortness of the breath
  • Heart Attack- a coronary artery, which is completely blocked, will be the root of heart attack.

Causes, highlighted for the origination and proliferation of it are:

  • Smoking
  • High blood pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Diabetes or insulin resistance
  • Sedentary (motionless) lifestyle

KILLINGS: This disease, accompanied by the Heart Stroke (explained below) has accounted 15.2 million deaths in the year 2016 and has been the most dominant cause of deaths in last 18 years.
The stroke basically occurs when the brain cells incept, dying, due to the interrupted or obstructed blood supply to any part of the brain, which eventually becomes deprived of oxygen and the nutrients. A stroke demands quick action that can lessen the brain damage.


The symptoms of this disease are mentioned below:

  • Deprivation in speaking and understanding- The mumble of the words can be detected under it.
  • Paralysis or be-numbness of the face, arm or leg-This occurs normally on the one side of one’s body
  • Headache-a fierce headache adjoined by vomiting and dizziness can be indicative of the stroke
  • Uneasiness in walking-Loss of balance or loss of coordination during the walk can be the symptomatic of it.

The causes of stroke are:

  • Ischemic stroke-where the arteries supplying to brain are narrowed or blocked partially. Ischemic strokes are of two kinds that are: Thrombotic stroke-it occurs when a blood clot is formed in the arteries, which are responsible supplying blood to the brain, and Embolic stoke-The embolus (a debris formed in the heart which is carried away by the blood in the arteries) is the cause of this stroke
  • Hemorrhagic stroke- When a blood vessel of the brain of yours oozes out or ruptures this stroke happens.


  • It’s a chronic lung disease. This inflammatory disease (COPD) can be traced by the obstructed airflow from the lungs. This disease, which can lead its patients to some deadly diseases as the heart disease, or lung cancer, is contributed, to aggravate, by two conditions: Emphysema (The alveoli of the lungs when are devastated due to the subjection to cigarette smoke) and Chronic Bronchitis (The inflammation of the lining of the bronchial tubes, which can be distinguished by the daily cough).

The 3rd eminent cause of deaths of the humans has the symptoms:

  • Shortness of the breath
  • Chest tightness-complications in the breath
  • Inflammation in the ankles, feet or legs

The main causes for the promulgation of this disease are:

  • Emphysema
  • Chronic Bronchitis
  • Cigarette smoke and irritating gases or the particulate matter

KILLINGS: It has claimed 3.0 million lives in 2016, and still considered as one of the principal causes of the deaths.
The cancer of the lungs is very common in US and often results in the deaths of so many people there.
The signs for this disease don’t appear until the disease is in its advanced stages. And those are:

  • Chest ache
  • Hoarseness-the throatiness of the voice
  • Pain in the bone

The only cause of the lung cancer is smoking. The carcinogens found in the cigarettes damage the cells of the lung’s lining. For the awareness of its catastrophic consequences, ‘No Smoking Day’ is celebrated on 31st May every year.
KILLINGS: It has accommodated 1.7 million deaths in 2016 and claims millions every year.
The usage of the blood sugar (Glucose) by the human body that is controlled by insulin, which is affected by some diseases that fall under the diabetes mellitus, has claimed about 1.6 million deaths in 2016. Chronic diabetes has two conditions, Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes. Increased fatigue, extreme hunger and blurred vision are the symptoms of Diabetes.



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