“Yester-evening, I rejoiced in devouring the ravishing, mouthwatering and savoury food at this (the mention has been eschewed, not to have promotive influence) restaurant.” A 40 years, fair-skinned man captioned the photo of his and restaurant, with the statement in quotation marks, over his Facebook account. A 18 years boy responds to his posted photo, “Solemnly, you relished, eating this restaurant’s food. It makes me think that you aren’t an ordinary human; you’re, probably, a gluttonous alien (Laughing Out Loud-LOL)”. Another sage answers back to the boy’s comment, “Your ironical declaration is an intact elaboration of the actuality. I have been to this place twice. The food tasted very similar to one, cooked and eaten in substandard Dhabas.” One after one, there is an overwhelming augmentation in the comments to the post. And it seems that, the composed or verbal war is likely to evolve into an unending corporeal war.

Proceeding with the word, “War”, which was written ‘Werre’ in Old English, and which has its origin in Old High German Language, but in a different shape as, “Werran” meaning ‘To confuse or to cause confusion’. The war, in its true essence and manifestation, is more than just confusion; in fact, it’s an exhibition of recurring confusions, bringing forth incalculable perplexities, resulting into a world of chaos. Peering deeper into the world of wars’ annals, we will be elaborated that the world without wars would have been tedious and dull. In the wars of former times, the people were butchered or slaughtered barbarously but with the invention of chemical weapons, the element of ‘Torture’ prompted. In the modern world, you can vex, physically, a person for a prolonged span of time, without killing him/her and yet perceiving the merry whilst killing him/her. The gloomy history of the world is marked by the gloominess of the wars and they are innumerable. War of Roses, War of the Austrian Succession, Thirty Years’ War, Mexican-American War, Hundred Years’ War, Napoleonic Wars, War of 1812, American Revolution War, Peloponnesian Wars, Korean War, American Civil War, Vietnam War, World War I, and World War II, all are denoted by the fierceness and tigerishness of the humans for others.

Several ancient wars spanned on hundred years or more but the wars of today are to be extended over a millennium or millenniums, because of their digital existences. Yes, I am writing down about social media, the digital wars proceeding on it. The digitalization, in the world, has reformed every entity, platform, and circumstance. The similar reformation goes with the war. The wars have become composed or verbal ones now, disseminating hatred and be the persisting subjects of it.

In former times, when the world wasn’t digitalized, the books, newspapers, journals, and magazines were the tools to broaden the hatred of someone and their spread would have been so sluggish that it would be accessible only to the scholarly people (evidently philosophers, priests, literary and royal people) yet after many years. But now, you can circulate it in nanoseconds. No? Yes.


The modern social media wars occur on trivial matters, as the wars of older times were taken place, and they tend not to end. But, the current wars are distinctive from the former ones. During those wars, the commander of the army had to take decisions but in these wars, everyone is pursuing as a commander and whosoever has a definite production and circulation of hatred, has weightage, and probably, he will win the war. The use of digital battlegrounds is expanding day by day, as everyone has access to them (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) via a stunning tiny phone. Such abhorrence-producing grounds are used by political parties prominently against their opponents. The political franchises concoct or spread forged stories about the leaders of their opponents. And, the usage is tripled when the elections’ campaign is ongoing. This kind of usage got international fame when Donald Trump, the current US president, appointed anti-Hillary Clinton campaign team, presided by Stephen Bannon, once dubbed “the most dangerous political operative in America”. Such usage is currently progressing in our country, as you can detect it whilst using Twitter, glimpsing the tweets from our dear politicians hostile to their rivals.

The wars aren’t limited to politics only. They encompass every walk of the life. Whether, it’s the sports or the film industry, the digital wars are everywhere. We can sum up here, a lengthy list of such wars together. Let do it. You may have listened about these wars: Shireen Mizari vs Momina Mostehsun (over the remake of ‘Ko Ko Korina”), Firduous Jamal vs Mahira Khan and MK’s friends (over Mahira’s acting capabilities), Priyanka Chopra vs Mehwish Hayat and Armeena Khan (over dismissing Priyanka as UN peace ambassador due to her immoral acts), and Shahid Afridi vs Gotam Gambeer( over IOK).

The social media is a medium of sarcasm, satirism, criticism. You are abused, when you fail to achieve, what your nation expected from you, in a case of football or cricket match. You are criticized when your post is in opposition to the wills and aspirations of your fanatics. You are denounced when you propagate and stand with the truth (banning of Twitter accounts [Pakistan], which were the promoters of the rights of Kashmiri people by Twitter).
Due to irrational criticism of the people, several superstars of sports, music and film abandon, using social media or take a break from it. The actress, Leslie Jones, encountered racist abuse on Twitter, and left, using it for some days. After, the ban of accounts, which sprinkled abuse on her, she came back. Justin Bieber, once, fought with Selena Gomez and his fans on Instagram. He requested people to stop the hate coming his way. Thence, when people didn’t stop prying in his personal matters, he deleted his Instagram account.
After analyzing detest provoking and producing platforms, we come to an end that there is going to be no end to such activities. Rather, I believe that, these will augment themselves, making more and more copies. And the future of the world belongs to such wars, which would be digital and fought digitally.



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