On 21st September 2019, at the United Nations Headquarters, New York, there was observed a vital event, in which the ritualistic Peace Bell Ceremony in Peace Garden took place, where the Secretary-General of the UN and the president of the General Assembly rang the Peace Bell in the companionship of UN Emissaries of Peace. The day is celebrated likewise as mentioned behind every year. It is to be called ‘International Day of Peace’.

The UN’s objectives and missions are primarily designated to create a peaceful world, but that indeed, is an idealistic or utopian approach, which doesn’t exist, or can’t reside in the ferocious capital world, where the 90% money of the world is in the hands of 8% (richest persons) population of the globe. Where, the intergovernmental organizations like UNICEF, UNESCO, WHO, ILO, WTO, IMF, FAO, WWF, IPE, and FATF have to instigate the indolent, passive, and impassionate humanity to take immediate actions for temporal emancipation from the never-ending problems.

In the light of such alien circumstances for the survival of the humans, the mention of 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which were proposed in UN in 2015, can’t be missed out. These 17 goals for the sustainable development of all the cultures and regions truly dictate the peacefulness of our world, or they are the indicators of the peace amongst the people and countries. And these goals are enclosed of these broader terms: poverty, hunger, health, education, climate change, gender equality, water, sanitation, energy, environment and social justice. Relax readers! I am not briefing these terms, in fact, I will be abridging the Global Peace Index 2019, which will show us the most and worst peaceful countries of the planet, Earth. And, in addition, it will light upon the countries, who have improved in the rank by eliminating the elements or operations of turmoil from their lands.

Have you ever heard about Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP)? Whatever, your replies are, you will get to know about it today. IEP is basically the think-tank of some highly influential, proficient and learned people, who by analyzing some ongoing riotous activities like terrorism, devise some metrics to ponder upon and practically apply them, considering the feasibility of the metrics according to the circumstances. IEP propagates that, the relationship between business, or economics, peace and prosperity must be of good terms, as they, in totality, determine the global peace. The headquarters of IPE are in Australian prime city, Sidney, which is assisted by the franchises of it in some famous capital cities like New York, Harare, Brussels, and The Mexico City.


The determinants or domains, which base the measurement of the overall state of peace in a region, are written under:

  • Societal Safety and Security- The rapid spreading terrorism has declined it by percentage of 4.02.
  • Ongoing Domestic & International Conflict- The deterioration of peace in correspondence to this domain has been by 8.69 percent in a decade from 2006-17 endorsing the presence of several territorial issues like Kashmir and Palestinian conflicts.
  • Militarization- It has witnessed a rare improvement by 2.6 percent, as 98 countries have lowered their expenditures over the military.



Key findings in the elaborative report have been dissected into four sections (Results, Trends, Economic Impact of Violence, and Positive Peace) for a better comprehension of the situations and procedures, linked up with peace. I am meddling them here, being constrained of the nature of the article: to the point and shortened.

  • The average standard of global peacefulness bettered slightly in the span of last five years.
  • With 86 countries ameliorating, and 76 declining in their rankings, the average score of each country improved by -0.09.
  • The Middle East and North America are the least peaceful regions on GPI 2019, as no country lies below 30 in ranks from both regions.
  • 22 European countries out of 36 have improved on GPI 2019, thus, Europe is the most peaceful region amid others, following again its former good records.
  • The disparity between the most and least peaceful countries maintains to expand strikingly. 25 least peaceful countries deteriorated by 11 percent on average, whereas, the most peaceful countries improved by a percentage of 1.8, since 2008.
  • Since 2012, the global economic impact of violence improved for the very first time, lowering by 3.3 percent or $475 billion from 2017-2018.
  • Most of the countries on GPI are ranked in the Positive Peace Index in line to their general positions, but there are some countries who are ranked in the Negative Peace Index due to their higher levels of Negative Peace, which can be named Positive Peace Deficit, and it is to be believed that, these countries would have increased levels of violence in the future.
  • At last, Positive Peace, predominantly, is correlated with the domain of Safety and Security and Ongoing Conflict, but is loosely or weakly corresponded to Militarization domain.

1. Iceland 1,072
2. New Zealand 1,221
3. Portugal 1,274
4. Austria 1,291
5. Denmark 1,316
6. Canada 1,327
7. Singapore 1,347
8. Slovenia 1,355
9. Japan 1,369
10. Czech Republic 1,375
11. Switzerland 1,383
12. Ireland 1,390
13. Australia 1,419
14. Finland 1,488
15. Bhutan 1,506
16. Malaysia 1,529
17. Netherlands 1,530
18. Belgium 1,533
19. Sweden 1,533
20. Norway 1,536

163 Afghanistan | 3, 574
162 Syria | 3, 566
161 South Sudan 3,526
160 Yemen 3,412
159 Iraq 3,369
158 Somalia 3,300
157 Central African Republic 3,296
156 Libya 3,285
155 Democratic Republic of Congo 3,218
154 Russia 3,093

Some indicators which testify or aid the domains in furtherance for the rankings are:

  • External Conflicts Fought
  • Perceptions of Criminality
  • Internal Conflicts Fought
  • Incarceration Rate
  • Intensity of Internal Conflict
  • Violent Demonstrations
  • Terrorism Impact
  • Nuclear and Heavy Weapons
  • Weapons Imports
  • Violent Crime
  • Police Rate

The compilation of such terrifying realities is not aimed to make you pessimistic, in fact, it seeks you to be overpowered to stop aggression and the elements closely related to it around and inside you.


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