“Memorize it”.
“Memorized it”.
“Learn it by heart”.
“Learnt it by heart”.
“Cram it”.
“Crammed it”.
Such instructive (no 1, 3 and 5) and submissive (no 2, 4 and 6) statements are detected, stated and listened, conveniently in all our educational institutes or complexes, comprising of schools, colleges, and universities. Sometimes, when students don’t comply with the instructions of the instructor, they are rebuked and battered atrociously, indicating the scarcity of true education, if there had been, such acts wouldn’t dare, persisting. Most importantly, if a student fails to memorize his lesson, he is warned not to recur this action again, and if he seems to redo it, he is granted with low grades and disrespect as well. Why does it happen? Why are such perimeters (e.g, memorial prowess) made to examine the intellect of the students? Why “to memorize” is linked up to the grades? To all these questions, there is a vivid answer, our education system, from kindergarten to higher studies, is based primarily onto the” memory”. We are taught the books (the focus is, fundamentally to inform the students that, what kind of questions can be asked in the examinations), given the books to cram, and are asked defined questions from the exercises (which we have learnt or solved many times) of those books. Have you ever thought that Is Memory, an emblem of Intelligence? Can it guarantee us concerning the intellect of a person? No, it can’t, because, it’s not an intelligence. It is just the normal functioning of our brain. The Hippocampus, the deep part of Cerebrum, is characterized, for making up new memories, thus, only the people with the damaged Hippocampus (exceptions) can’t make up new memories. So, what is the Intelligence then? Alfred Binet, the pioneer of modern intelligence testing, once elaborated Intelligence in these words, “Comprehension, invention, direction and criticism or summing these up to ‘judgment’”.
Peering deeper into the intelligence and its kinds: Howard Gardner, Harvard University scientist, in 1983, described the frames of mind or the kinds of intelligence. They are eight in total, ranging from Linguistic and Verbal Intelligence to Naturalist Intelligence, all differentiated for their uniqueness from one another. If we endeavor to detect these intelligences in our education system, we come to know that, some (probably 2) are operational already like Logical intelligence, but they aren’t dealt separately, each one being marked with marks scoring procedure. It is to be advised that to gauge the intelligence rightly, these kinds of intelligence must be applicative.

Moving farther in the scanning of the education of ours, we need to know that to compete with the contemporary world; we must be advanced or progressive in education. Are we? You need not to contemplate here, in fact, you can be cognizant of the reality at one click of yours on your Android phone. Type, “Times Higher Education University Rankings 2019-20”, and search it down. Try harder to find out a single university of our country in top 500, I’m scared, you won’t. Furthermore, search, “Top Asian Universities 2019-20” on the website of Times Higher Education, I’m disappointed, you won’t find one in 200. Try something, which can be prolific for us. Move to another universities’ ranking website, CWUR (Centre for World University Rankings), Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology are no 1 and 2 universities in the world according to CWUR for 2019-20 respectively. Go down, yes, a little more. The eyes can’t believe it; it is very astonishing for all of us, that at 820th rank, there lies a university of ours, Quaid e Azam University, Islamabad. And it is followed up by Aga Khan University, which is ranked 852nd. You can search QS World Rankings as well, but the results will be no different. This is the standard of our competency, for battling with the world. This is our homework to outgo in the developments and advancements, to revolute the world from its old patterns. Look, how behind we are.


What are the reasons behind this low ranking? To start with the teachers: Many private schools, equipped with low budget and area, hire recently /fresh matriculates for the primary classes like kindergarten, and grade 1-5. Are these matriculates being trained or groomed for the teaching? How can they be, as they are in the primary phases of their development, and also, when the proprietor of the school looks for the uplift of his in the society via money? Even, the graduates aren’t properly trained for the teaching; they are oppressed by their families to earn the livelihood because of the financial crisis. Moving on to the professors, majority doesn’t want to teach and know how to teach. Why some don’t want to teach? Simpler answer, they never wanted to be teachers, they opted this profession, because, when all doors closed for them, they found it ajar and penetrated into it, not to die hungry, I presume. Societal pressures made up their minds, not to live a life of their likenesses but a life of perpetual unlikeness, not to happy others and themselves.
Examinations: Till collegiate level, we aren’t asked questions, which can be certain of the usage of our brain, like “Evaluate it’, “Justify it”, “Comment”. We are frequently asked questions, starting up from, ”What, and Which” instead of beginning with ,” How, and Why”. The logical reasoning of the students is deteriorated extravagantly, when questions are copied from the book’s exercises (for which, the key books are accessible at ease) and pasted on the paper. The memory of the students is tested despite the intelligence. You may have noticed the commotion of the students, when scarcely 2-3 questions are asked in the paper out of the described syllabus and they are found, yelling, “The paper was out of the syllabus”.

Students are copy-pasters. This culture is evidently found in the universities, though in the schools as well, but with a lesser proportion. Students love, scrolling all the social platforms but find it burdensome to sit in the class and hark to the professors. Yes, there are teachers, who make the class tedious and never care (the element of Teachers has been described already). The students are unknown to the varied range of the fields, because of that ignorance, approx. 70,000 students appear in MDCAT, and nearly half of the mentioned bulk appears in ECAT. Thousands of students appear thrice in NET and some persistent individuals have 5-7 attempts for admission in MBBS. Were there career counselors at your school, college or even university? OR there organized a workshop with career counselors in your institute? The most would say, No. That is a bigger problem, we need to ponder on it, and career counseling must be the priority of the institutes. Co-curricular activities sharpen the mind, but, here, the co-curricular activities are labeled with the debates (especially, schools) only. Now, these are expanding in their nature and number, but yet, the standard of excellence hasn’t been attained. If the education of ours had educated us rightly and truly, we would have been advanced rapidly in the world, to leave an unforgettable impact, wherever and whenever, we would go.



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