0.3 million years ago, Homo sapiens initiated hurling the globe originating from Homo erectus, the earliest human species, who possessed a proportion of same body as modern man. It is said, by the accomplished paleontologists that, the humans and their progenitors have been pursuing their lives on the earth for 6 million years. And the human civilizations began shaping up 6 millenniums ago. The history dates back to 3100 B.C., (5119 years ago) when, Menes was ruling over Egypt, according to E.H Gombrich, the author of “A little History of the World”. Though, we aren’t certain about the precise birth of the humans, but we have been known to the living standards of primitive humans encoded in fossils. The chronicles of humans revarnish our memories regarding the earlier ventures of them to reduce their labor and gaining more vis-à-vis the lessened industriousness.

Let me abridge the accomplishments of humans. Humans are sagacious, prudent, and rational. From picking up a spoon to designing the hydrogen bomb, the humans imply their thinking; however this thinking is entailed at every organism, at every stage, and at every circumstance. The prehistoric man lived in Africa, afterwards he moved to adjacent regions, but up till, 18oo A.D, man had not visited the entire earth. Now, because of us, we can move about on the earth, wherever and whenever we want, but with a condition, that you must have your passport and the visa for touring your desired country or region. Science, when stemmed, was a mishmash of physical, biological, chemical, nautical, cosmological, optical, mechanical, and electrical and the ceaseless list of such components, but currently, the hotchpotch has been annihilated and divided into incessant but organized branches. We made, sports, the professions. We learnt the history through scriptures, manuscripts, and inscriptions. We traced back the dawn of the universe. We made the courts, educational institutes, and recreational places for the justice, education and entertainment respectively. We recollected all the philosophies and the philosophical tenets and structured them into one volume. We collected all the words and made a dictionary. We assembled the feelings and emotions and expressed them in the writing of the poetry and prose. We stared at the fly of the birds and in outcome, invented the planes. We gazed at the skin of the animals, and made dress from it. We examined the communicative prowess of us with Allah Almighty, and invented the current communicative devices. Look back to all these achievements of us, ponder and ask yourself” Can we compete with Allah or God?”

Is your body quivering/trembling after reading the question? Well, it must not because we are likely to draw comparisons between the creations of Allah Almighty and the attainments of humans. Hence, begin it.

Skyscrapers vs Tallest Mountains: The distinction, here, is very definite. Skyscrapers: the articles of humans. Mountains: the productions of Allah Almighty. The building of the first skyscraper takes us back to 20th century, when Chrysler Building, New York, was built and opened in 1930, with an altitude of 1,046 feet. The erection and opening of second skyscraper was completed and resulted in 1931 respectively. Let us compare the five tallest buildings with the five tallest mountains: i. Burj Khalifa(828 m)- Mount Everest(8848 m), ii. Shanghai Tower (632 m) – Mount K2 (8,611 m), iii. Makkah Royal Clock Tower (601 m)- Mount Kanchenjunga(8,586 m), iv. Ping An. Finance Centre (599.1 m)- Mount Lhotse (8,511 m), v. Lotte World Tower(554.5 m)- Mount Makalu (8462 m). If we subtract 828 from 8,848, what we get? 8,020? Yes, that is the difference between the tallest artifact of the humans and Allah’s created mountainous structures. This is the startup surface, competing with God, furtherly, the unsolvable complexities will govern the journey of the competition.

Humans’ voices vs Musical Instruments: It is to be believed, that the late humans couldn’t articulate words, in fact they used to produce sounds, imitating the animals and birds. Islam denies such interpretations sourcing from fossils. But, if we admit this idiotic fact, thence, also the humans would be the creature of Allah. You have heard various melodious voices around you and the voice of yours can be too. Every one voice differs from another. The musicality of one voice strikes the heart, the other, shudders the soul and another drags you into the wholesome of thoughtfulness. In comparison to voices, we have invented the musical instruments like gramophone, acoustic, bass and electric guitars, sitar, drums, fluet, violin, banjo, keyboard, tuba, and many more to empower us for our contest with the God. We all are accustomed to listen to the karaoke of the songs but we can’t adapt ourselves, not listening to the humans’ lyrical voices. The music is with the voices of humans. Another failure.

Beautification of Human body vs Robots or Cloning: Stand before the mirror and begin to denote the zones on your face, you deem, are the most stunning, in the contrasts with the faces out there in the world. I’m very confident at, that you will surely find out some features which are matchless (If you aren’t a pessimist and an unthankful individual). Halt or stroll on the road, you can observe, hundreds of people, passing, all are dissimilar from one another. If you embark on the discoveries of the color scheme of the humans, you will die whilst your findings, but the detection will not conclude though. Look at our shabby robots, which are unable to look attractive or glamorous like humans as of now and the partial representation of humanoid characteristics in them are to be awaited for several ages. The cloning, the analogous duplicates of an individual, isn’t more than just a process to create laughter. Failed, again.

Abridging the comparisons into one-liners is to be the crux of this paragraph. The authenticity, certainty, and knowledgeably of His revealed books are in no comparison to our invalid, uncertain, and ignorant yet, factual (perceived by us) books. The earth is just as an electron as collating to the universe. Where have we been in the space? Only to the moon, only three distinguished countries are credited with this prestigious achievement. The fourth one tried recently, our neighbor, but couldn’t subject its mission to completion, and our media made of fun it as we’ve been to Andromeda Galaxy 50 years ago. We are such past in advancements that we are depicting the desert of Wadi Rum, Jordan as the planet, Mars (In the movie: The Martian). Do we have the replicas of oceans, deserts, glaciers, the vegetables, the fruits? Yes, we have. We produce cultivars, the bred plants and, breeds, the bred animals. But if the standards of these don’t match those of God’s, don’t eliminate them from your lives, because the population is expanding day by day, and one day, you will long for them.

Don’t you believe that there is a God? I presume that your rational has faded out. And you are being certain of S. hawking’s words in the world of intricate uncertainties.


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