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From the day a child learns how to read to the day the same child-turned-old man dies, he dies reading. Reading is an integral part of our lives. Be it our text messages, books, magazines, newspapers, notice boards, bill-boards, warning and street signs, names of eatables, written ingredients on those eatables, names of restaurants, names of friends and family, names of teachers, names of beloved or beloved(s), hence everything that constitutes part of a language can be read by us and is read by us.

Just yesterday I was reading an article titled, “benefits of reading” where I read some pretty relevant and important things. Though some weren’t very accurate and based on personal experience but rest were indeed precise and relevant. Being a student of literature I myself am subject to a lot of reading. Reading that is conceivably immersive. Believe you me, sometimes the number of books I along with my fellows have read are forgotten, rest aside the names of those books. May be in hundreds. But worry not as the brain has impressive retaining powers. Whatever one reads is somehow stored in the subconscious and with a little relatable nudge, one can easily remember what one wants and needs to remember.

Coming back to the point, the benefits that I read, I would personally like to share with every reader of this article. They were as following:

  • Reading develops the mind. (TRUE. The mind is a store room. A sort of hard drive that accepts information, processes it, relates it for relevance and remembrance and then tucks it away somewhere in the subconscious till the time we might be needing it again. The more the information it has and processes for relevance and association, the sharper and more easygoing it will be. Information to the brain is like Shell Rotella T6 Diesel Synthetic Motor Oil for your brand-new Hilux Revo 3.0 Diesel.)
  • Reading helps discover new things. (TRUE. Studies show that reading for pleasure makes a big difference to children’s as well as teens’ educational performance. Likewise, evidence suggests that students who read for enjoyment every day not only perform better in reading tests than those who do not, but also develop a broader vocabulary, increased general knowledge and a better understanding of other cultures. In fact, reading for pleasure is more likely to determine whether a child does well at school than their social or economic background. Did you know that already? Did you know what the benefits of reading were before reading this article? Well did you know all of them? Okay fine. You’re smart. So, be smarter.)
  • Reading develops the imagination. (NOT NECESSARILY- the primitive man was the pioneer behind making fire for the first time. He was also responsible for making tools and weapons that helped him in hunting and treading. His imagination also led him to create sounds and associate them with meanings so as to communicate. The primitive man had no reading yet had an excellent imagination that made him develop social life at its very basic fundamentals. Imagination is innate. It is not necessarily developed by reading. But it can be honed by reading but that isn’t very true either because it is rightly said that “it is that which we do know which is the great hindrance to learning, not that which we do not know”-George Bernard Shaw.)
  • Reading creates the creative side of people. (NOT NECESSARILY. Creativity like imagination is innate. Everyone is creative in his/her own way, a way that might not conform to the general notion of creativity.)
  • Reading is fundamental in making a good self-image. (DAMN TRUE. A profound and intelligent self-image is all some people like myself desire in life, among other things. Hefty reading expands one’s mind. It sharpens one’s comprehension and helps in contemplation and thoughtful deliberation. It helps make one cognizant of diversities in all the things of the world and broadens the perspective. Simple to say, it gives man or woman multiple eyes with multiple visons. An example from my own personal life might suffice. A student of literature reads numerous novels and for these numerous novels, numerous other readable and relatable content. Then comes analysis that helps perceive the social, political, economic and contemporary relevance or importance of that novel. A full view analysis of the characters involved in the novel is also devoured. Biographies of the writers and the age in which the novels or other literary content is written is read too. And this is just about novel reading. Prose, poetry, drama, short stories, essays etc. are all hefty readable contents that constitute the contemplative mind of a literary student. Now if such a man/woman perceives the society who already has a considerable grasp on the follies, foibles and trickeries along with the better aspects of numerous social ages as well as the men and women present in them, wouldn’t he/she be better equipped with the armory to analyze and critically evaluate the society than most? Think!)

Though I went through several other benefits of reading too I didn’t find them equally relevant to the above-mentioned. Some were inducted simply for the sake of prolonging the content or for meeting the writing requirements of the article as am I now. God help me!

One of the best benefits of reading and the most favorite of mine is that reading widens one’s perspective and that it helps greatly in thinking and deliberation. The more you read, the broader and more solid your thought base will be. You will deliberate confidently and marvel at the beauty of how forward in time you feel yourself to be. You will undoubtedly feel ahead of many, but with a humble instance, you can be ahead of all.

A little piece of advice might suffice for the conclusion of this content. Knowledge and wit coupled with arrogance and pride is no match for foolishness coupled with humility and kindness because it’s the “What you are” that matters and not “What you want to be”.

And one more thing. Please read my article!


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