A child is born, and within a short span of time, the neonate initiates, learning, under the esteemed shadow of instincts, thus momentarily, followed up by the successive conferences with instincts, the infant’s cognition advances and he/she schemes to operate his/her actions on the fortified foundation of his/her cognition, in addition to foregoing facts, at an advanced stage of six months’ age, he/she commences babbling and someday, the time comes up, when he/she toddles. Eventually, the day has approached, when he/she saunters and converses incessantly. After, on a sultry day, he/she begs before you for a girl/boy, and you, being the godly natured individual (perceived atrociously), negate all, and secure your commanding or compelling impetus. In some instances, he/she proceeds against your will and is distressed by the perpetual wrath. Aren’t you astonished at what the balderdash I am jotting down? You are for sure. Close your eyes for 20 seconds. People, please, don’t gravitate yourself to daydreaming, and If you start it, thenceforth, my exertion in writing of this article would be of no use. Open them. Close them for 30 seconds anew. Open them. Afresh, now? Good. Keep the preceding lines in the cerebrum of your brain and contemplate. Aren’t you cognizant of the fact that such actions are depicted in Pakistan’s movies consecutively, one after one? The movie inaugurates from the babyhood of a person and terminates at the chivalrous conducts of that person, and sometimes, the closure of the movie moves in another direction: resolving the familial tiny wars. And many a times, an abrupt upheaval from childhood to maturity resides in the movies, however, considering the significance of this technique, the technique has been implied here as well, in the description of child’s earlier strives to never-ending endeavors at the youth, thus, imitating entirely our cinema.

Shouldn’t we focus on the facts rather, and not wasting time in metaphorical interpretations? We must.

First, scrutinizing the genres of movies produced in Pakistan Film Industry. A human brain is made up of a complex system, and that complex system exhibits or fabricates thousands of fresh or past thoughts in some new enthralling shapes in a period of 60 seconds scarcely. But, what’s up to the brains of our directors or producers, who retell a conception in a very identical manner to its predecessor but with different names. Seems, abstract, let make it clear. The genres of the contemporary movies are similar to one another and repetitive in nature. And the prevalent genres are, i. Action| Romance| War, ii. Music| Romance, iii. Comedy| Romance, and IV. Action| Comedy| Romance. After 8 seconds’ perusal of the genres, one can conclude at ease, that the film industry doesn’t deem to experiment newer genres like Science Fiction and Adventure, and comprehensively, relying on already perceived better options to work on. It can be argued here that the movies with Romance as a genre have been the box office hits such as Titanic around the globe, so why to shun it. I’m not suggestive of shunning it but the problem lies with the sameness of one story with another, for instance, movies such as, “Rangreza”, “Love in 7 days”, “Sherdil”, “Superstar”, and “Heer maan Ja”, have a same pivot, and that pivot is to seek the true love, though circumstantially, settings or situations change, but the pivot doesn’t lose its grip as a theme, whilst depiction.

Second, inspecting the brains of directors and producers. Around you, there may have some outstanding people, who are an emblem of distinguished reverence and excellence. Seeing them leaves you with a lust to resemble them. Furtherly, you begin to strive to be like them, at first imitating all their actions. Don’t you think that our directors and producers are imitators or copycats? They are, of course but who are they imitating? The first response, Indian Film Industry, Bollywood indeed. Don’t forget the genres. Indian films were made on the foundation of same genres. In their stories, the plots would have been lost somewhere in the movies, displaying only some incidents or happenings to link up the stories without rational or logical approach. Their movies would have been the celebrated contributors to vulgarity through the picturing of Item and Romantic lust provoking numbers. Stop. Think, have the item numbers been derived from our culture? Were our forefathers fond of such dance movements, that’s why, our movies perceive them, void, without these numbers? No, our culture doesn’t have such customs and traditions. This is our directors, who have imitated the adjacent society or film industry because of the popularity and record business of such content. The South Asia is contained of such conservative societies, where the tacit talk of two people is adorned with vices-enriched conspiracies, hence, here such lascivious picturing will be watched and promoted enormously. But as our culture curbs such acts, we must not indulge ourselves into them. Now, they are likely, being logical, scientific and shifting their concentration to thought provoking themes. In fact, their modifications are in the earlier phase, but, gradually, they will acquire adeptness in it. And, I can guarantee you, that when, they would be in the middle of rational equipped thematic structuring, we will start another journey, imitating their reasoning procedure.

Third, vetting Comedy, Locations, and Songs. Almost all Pakistan’s movies are inclusive of comedy. The comedy has always an everlasting impact on the people, I must say. It is one area, where needs no amelioration, in fact, it must be abridged a little, furthermore, comedy has to be goal oriented, which it isn’t unfortunately, not to produce laughter only. Songs, the most concerned area of the directors. Some intelligent former actors are found, saying occasionally, “The current movies are television plays with songs”. And, they’re very right, saying it, because our directors focus on the songs the most, they endeavor hard to hire musical-voiced songsters, who are popular among the public, for their films. Until, the themes of the movies are to be unchanged, the locations are of no consideration.

The governing people of the film industry may state that they don’t have advanced equipment, the other modern industries have. We acknowledge it but does the imagination or imaginative power vanish when you aren’t properly equipped? I fear it does not. Be brave, people, experiment. Add more fictional elements to your stories. Don’t show the realities, show the intricate imaginative might. Have you searched it down, “Which is the highly grossed movie of all time?” No, do it now, you will be known to the innovative capabilities of the humans. Humans, on average, daydream about 30% of their time. Daydream and make a film. And make good money out of it. Exhilarate.


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