The ways we were punished with


Teacher :( ragingly) aren’t you ashamed that elements of seriosity are deteriorating in your nature extensively?

Student :( laughingly), yes sir, I’m amazed at your expertness of knowing concealed facts via only the bodily stature.

Teacher: (exacerbating recently produced laughter) I don’t need my appraisal sourcing from your vice like mouth. Now tell me what happened to your remembrance that couldn’t learn a page from your Chemistry’s book?

Student: (smilingly) my dear teacher, I was about to learn it but I thought of practicality and moved to kitchen to make a solution (the topic to learn), and I made it but couldn’t memorize what is to be termed “solute or solvent”.

Teacher: A 5 years child is known to the scheme of making a solution. You can gauge your standard of knowledge juxtaposing you and the child. You must be punished as your conduct is putting question marks onto my teaching skills.

Student: Such a time there is, that the teachers want them to be in limelight even though they can’t be (expressing the incompetency).

Teacher: (interrupting) who you are to talk to me in such a way!

What happens next: The punishment begins: the teacher starts battering the student and when he is tired of castigation, he instructs him to go.

“Mama, I won’t do it again. I won’t. Don’t beat me. It pains me. It pains me. Mama, please”, a 10 years child pleads for the kindness from his mommy. “I must tell you that how much is it bad to infect yourself with bad deeds. And If I don’t guide (it’s interesting to know that you can guide a child via smacking just) you today, you will be a disturbant for the family”, the mother replies to the asking of his child’s plea.

Aforementioned incidents exhibited in the form of dialogues are the stories of our all sectors which enclose our schools, houses, educational complexes like academies etc., and labor sector. I must say that these are the alluring realities of our society, which transform themselves in a new era according to updated requirements.

When looked back to the history or origination of the punishment, we get informed that the first to be punished in the universe was the Satan, who denied prostrating before the first prophet of Allah Almighty, Adam and his punishment was to leave the Heaven and moving to the other part of the world(most evidently, Earth). The second punishment resulted when Eve instigated Adam to taste the forbidden fruit and Adam was enticed to do it so, after acknowledging their fault, they repented and asked for the forgiveness, and Allah forgave them but they were asked to leave Heaven and join the Satan on Earth. Both wrongdoers were subjected to live on the similar platform but an entity that differentiates Adam from Satan is the prophet’s ask for pardon (We need to paste it in our memory that to ask forgiveness does not lower your down before any individual or circumstance).

After briefing the metaphysical punishments, when we begin to move towards the punishments of our planet, we come across the brutal and vicious punishments organized by bloodthirsty inflictors, who ferociously butchered the human bodies, the bodies, which couldn’t get true justice. Peloponnesian wars, the fierceness of Alexander, the Great, The Norman Conquest, Crusades, The Reformation, Napoleonic wars, World War I, and World War II, all are marked by the untamed and unjust deeds of our forefathers, who slaughtered millions of humans for no genuine reasons.

What do you think of transforming the ongoing stern rhythm of the article to a less serious or laughter producing? We must go with the suggestion, suggested to us in the preceding line. A criminal law is enacted and its principles guide us about the detection of punishments to specific crimes. But the fact to take notice of is that there are punishments on the actions, which don’t come under that defined law. We must look into those punishments. Those are categorized as: 1. School punishments, 2. Home punishments, and 3. College or university punishments.

School Punishments: Is there any individual, reading this article that wasn’t punished during his school education‘s time? If there is, he is lucky and unlucky as well. He is lucky because he wasn’t humiliated and beaten before his classmates, he might be a person now who dislikes the torture and addresses not to propagate it to the people. On the contrary, he is unlucky because when we were school children, we used to say it constantly that the parts of our bodies where the teacher hit, those parts would be averse to the fire of Hell. Secondly, he might be a conformist to the action of punishments or aggression. Renovate your memory right now, recall all the school punishments and rate one as the best and compare them with some mentioned here. Whilst instructing you to renovate your memory, I’m able to recollect some punishments that were very evident during my education at the school. And those contain: i. Become a fowl (cock posture), and within this punishment, the additional factor was to be a cock and walk for some distance, sometimes walking in sunlight (this was a cruel punishing), ii. Elevation of arms, elevate your arms and stand at the back of class or on the bench, it was a good exercise for the arms, after the stoppage of this punishment, the arms would have been cramped. iii. Disciplining via Cane, it was or is the most common method of punishment, 5sticks /a mistake and after the caning via cane, the hands would have been glowed pink and it seemed at times that blood would start discharging from those hands. There can be more additions to this list but the need of hour is to wrap it up here not to be digressive.

Home Punishments: Our first place to be punished is our very own home. In our homes, we are consecutively beaten up with broom, shoe, pestle, and Wiper. The punches/blows and smacks are something very common in our homes and schools, you can say, these are the part and parcel of these two prestigious developmental institutes.

College or University Punishments: The punishments of these educational forums have become more Verbal ones. We are verbally rebuked and seldom taught, right. And if a teacher of some good stature doesn’t want any kind of commotion, he simply asks the student to leave the class. And the verbal punishments are the most irritating ones. They have a long lasting impact on the brain of a student and these do more harm to the students than ruthless physical punishments.

It’s very obvious that punishments do some good but the fact not to forget is that these must seek improvement or be goal oriented rather than be in action to shed away the rage or disseminate the elements of rage. And the reality is that we miss sometimes these all punishments being at such ripe stage of our age, where no one beats us but sprinkles sarcastic remarks.


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