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“The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion” Paulo Coelho

In this contemporary world, there are numerous speakers who with an enthusiastic spirit and a blaring voice tend to motivate their listeners who pay a hefty sum of money just to listen to their opinions. These speakers are revered as demi-gods as they’re considered to be experts of the matter they’re speaking on and whatever opinion they express is jotted down instantly on tiny notebooks so as to be saved for later crisis saving. But motivational speaking is now becoming a business that’s booming since the world has started experiencing floods of “mental illness” and “existential crisis”.

People experiencing mental health problems and going through a potential existential crisis are usually low on their self-esteem. They do not realize their true place in this world and neither their purpose so they’re always in search for meaning and purpose that might define their lives. Owing to this, most people have started delivering motivational lectures on subjects of relevance to these men and women after going through some psychology books on self-help and motivation. Now out of less sincerity and more entrepreneurship, we’re even playing with people’s minds that are already deranged and disturbed.

Looking out for change or making a change in their troublesome lives, these people are looted for a hollow speech. The point of a motivational speech or lecture should always be to incentivize people out of examples drawn from the speaker’s own life. The speaker should present himself/herself as a model for whatever motivation or inspiration he/she is trying to park in the minds of the audience. There should be emphasis on realia from the speaker’s life because a relatable example always does the trick. But this isn’t what most people who are paying huge sums are getting in such sessions.

It’s out of fear of going to a psychiatrist that people usually opt for such motivational speaking sessions but to what avail if an entrepreneur is delivering a lecture rather than a real-life inspirational speaker who inspires the spirits of his/her audience. It is a fool’s task to expect any inspiration from people who are speaking for the sake of money or simply for the sake of speaking. A self-help book would be better than listening to such nonsense that works fifteen minutes at most after the session is over. A speaker should himself be somebody who has experiences regarding the topics of his speaking or at least, there should be some juice to him/her.

How can one expect a lecture regarding hard-working from someone who himself/herself has never worked hard in life? how can one expect a life-changing lecture from someone who himself/herself is broke and is simply standing at the stage for the sake of money that would ease his living? How can one imagine to have a healthy hearing about a stable married life or a stable relationship from someone who himself/herself divorced or broke up long ago and with several? How is it all possible? The ironies are unmistakable.

Paulo Coelho’s above-mentioned quotation is worth considering at this juncture. Yes, it is only by your example that people get inspired and change to mimic the revealed greatness. Because people believe what they can perceive and fear or reject mostly what they can’t. Religion and faith are an exception to it. So, why not lecture people about “Entrepreneurship Skills” and the speaker be Warren Buffet. Why not lecture on “Tips to getting rich” and the speaker be Bill Gates. Why not lecture on “Leadership Skills” and the speaker be the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan. Why not the right guy for the right task rather than the lame guy for the right task.

Its best to exemplify a present and conceivable model of a human speaker to an audience that is looking for suitable options for its troubled life. An example from my life might suffice to satiate the title of this topic. I’m taught by several teachers who lecture us on educational and morality-based information so that we as learners would learn from their experiences and spend better lives than they lived. Now, the thing is that words count, and only of those who have eminent titles before their names such as “Dr.”, “Brigadier”, “Professor” etc. It’s human nature that we derive importance from value. Anything that has some value is of importance to us. Similarly, these titles that brand normal people as doctors, scholars, professors, brigadiers etc., the experts of their fields, are revered and are listened to more dearly and enthusiastically. We automatically connect with these people as they are a living example of whatever ideals they stand up for and are preaching.

This shows how we value value-added products. An accomplished person is also similar to a value-added product. Now if this value-added product utters even some nonsense, that nonsense would be revered and taken as Gospel. Because our brains have told us that something of value has been said out of a mouth that’s connected to a well-experienced brain. Now this nonsense will hold an influence over us and will dictate our actions. Let it be a well said verse or sentence, it’ll forever ghost the thought processes of its listeners.

So, what must one extract from this storyline of thoughts? It is essential for us to make ourselves into bodies of power, influence, respect, knowledge and authority and then to use such prowess to inspire people who are in dire need of such. Before such accomplishments, one should only practice as much as he/she can, but on one’s own self. Any inspirational or motivational public speaking till then should be best left to the professionals who can help people make ease with their lives. Because until you pose yourself as an example worth following, you can’t possibly derive inspiration for your own inspirational lecture that will connect with the audience who’re at the receiving end of your inspiration.


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