Problems, problems, problems and Problems. But what’s beyond all this. Guess what! More problems. There’s just no end to problems and neither there will be. Why? Because all life is a kind of perpetual problem that we have to keep on solving till our death, (where we realize that life wasn’t a problem at all), and since life is peculiar to earth only (for now), life on earth is a problem because of the constant problems arising because of its limited resources to keep us warm and fat. The earth is soon to be doomed because the rate of consumption of these limited resources is increasing exponentially. A day will come most definitely when this earth of ours will crack open, swallow each and every one of whatever living beings are left and then self-destruct in 10, 9, 8, ,7….

But anyways, since the topic implies the greatest problems of the world, we should, for now, focus on this only.

To start with, the problem that most affects our world would be in the leading order of all the problems. A way forward to mitigate these problems will also be proposed underneath every problem so you don’t curse me whilst finding you way towards the proposed resolutions.


First to omit any misconception, the term “global warming” does not run synonymous with “climate change” where the former is the cause and the later is the effect. Simple to say. Global warming causes climate change. What is climate change? It is an abnormal change in the world climate. 

How is climate change caused? It is caused by Global Warming. What is Global Warming? It is an augmented rise in the earth’s temperature due to the greenhouse effect. What is the greenhouse effect? The trapping of some of sun’s heat whilst it travels from the sun to the earth. It helps regulate the earth’s temperature and without it the average temperature of the earth would be around -18*C. 

The main concern is that our daily activities incentivize the greenhouse effect that in return raises the earth’s temperature, thus causing severe changes in the normal climate.

How does climate change affect us?

  1. The melting of glaciers and huge lumps of ice that increase water levels on the earth, giving rise to floods and tsunamis.
  2. The appearance of harsh weathers such as violent colds and extreme heats.
  3. The destruction of natural habitat and thus endangering of the species peculiar to that habitat.

Now for the part where the cure for climate change should be proposed. Climate change can’t be erased or reversed at any cost but its harmful effects can be minimized and mitigated. The actions that we take during this process are known as “Climate change mitigation and adaptation measures”.

  1. Mitigating greenhouse gases.
  2. Limiting carbon emissions.


Currently 7 billion people host this crazy planet and by the time you would be reading this article, a few million more would have been added all thanks to the inflated libido we all possess. But fret not as this is a natural phenomenon. The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer says that “Love tricks us into having babies”. So, love must be one of the main causes behind overpopulation. 

Overpopulation, simple to say is, an exponential increase in the population of a given region in contrast to the resources it possesses. If the resources were unlimited, any increase in population would feel good as more population would mean more strength of a nation in terms of its armed forces and workforce. But this isn’t the case. As I mentioned earlier, the resources of this world are limited and more people would just mean more consumption that would ultimately lead to zero resources. The remedy would then be nuclear detonation of the whole planet so no body dies a painful death owing to hunger and diseases.

Decreased mortality rate owing to better medical facilities, emigration to developed regions, and advancement in fertility treatment can also be potential causes behind overpopulation.

But how should we put a leash on overpopulation? Following may be deemed as possible solutions to mitigate this seemingly horrendous phenomenon:

  1. Education about the demonic after effects of overpopulation.
  2. Awareness about family planning.
  3. Sex-education.
  4. Benefits of Taxation.


Poverty is a prevalent menace that can’t be joked about at any cost and I will try my best to be as serious as possible. Poverty is when a certain stratum of the population or the whole population is suffering from insufficient resources and funds to keep their lives sustainable on a normal or average living scale. Means there isn’t enough food or enough money to buy food. Clothing is unaffordable, hence the basic necessities (food, clothing, shelter) that we all strive for are unmet.

According to the most recent survey by the World Bank Group, almost 10% people lived on less than US$ 1.90 a day. 

Though this figure is less as compared to 36% percent people living in poverty in 1990, the gruesome effects of poverty (unemployment, increased mortality rate, more beggars on the streets, thefts and crimes, suicides etc.) still can’t be ignored and neither the fact that there’s still much to do to fight poverty.

To reduce poverty, the following should be kept into mind:

  1. Creating more and more employment opportunities
  2. Raising wages and reducing income inequality
  3. Providing free education till secondary and higher secondary level
  4. Establishing free food points.


The first conflict that arose in this world was the conflict between Cain and Abel, sons of Adam and Eve, and the major source of that conflict was jealousy. From that time onwards, every conflict in this world has been due to the 4 basic instinctual reasons, (jealousy, power, revenge, women).

Wars are also fought to foster one’s economic, territorial and religious gains. Sometimes wars arise as a result of defensive mechanisms or when oppression is tolerated no more. 

The world has seen two massive wars up till now. The horror of the two world wars (WW1 from 1914-18 and WW2 from 1939-1945) is still alive in the minds and hearts of many. The total number of casualties is estimated around 37 million, augmented with the loss of billions and trillions of dollars in infrastructure and world economy. 

Even as of today, many countries such as the USA, Russia, China, Turkey, England, France, Syria, Iran, Iraq, India and Pakistan are involved in both external and internal conflicts. These conflicts range from full scale skirmishes to 5th Generation hybrid warfare.

Until and unless table talks and humanitarianism is prioritized, we can’t hope to avoid wars at any front. 

Now for the part where I conclude this glorious article. 

We sure can’t resolve these problems overnight because we don’t have the infinity gauntlet. Had we been in possession of such a magnanimous artifact, we would just snap our fingers and turn everything as per our liking. But since this is not possible in the real world, what we can do is help mitigate these problems that might ultimately lead to our collective demise. Mitigating these problems implies following a strict and austere policy that would foster fruit in near future. 

I do hope these problems get resolved earlier enough before our sun turns into a giant blackhole and all gets sucked in…. oh well! That’s another story.


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