From the unshackled infant to fettered and entangled adult, every human being aspires to amuse or entertain himself. The humans indulge themselves in the recreational activities, to be physically, socially and mentally agile. The recreational criteria differ from one person to another. Some are gladdened, playing or watching the sports (enclosing the digital games as well), a few are entertained, poring over the books, newspapers, and journals (not exclusive of a student’s studies), some are pleased, visiting the newer (or already visited) places, some are delighted, harking on the music, and some (terrorists, serial killers [sadists], and the people, lusting for perpetual worldly might), are charmed, killing the innocent people. What, I couldn’t grasp a very significant entertainment-producing activity? What’s that? It’s unfortunate, I can’t recollect it. I am trying hard to get it back into my memory. Oh, yes, the movies, you’re talking about it. Thank You. A list of thoughtful, thematically brimful, and entertaining movies has been complied in the forthcoming part of the article, to pacify the enduring agonies of the humans. The movies are as follows:

  1. INTERSTELLAR: Christopher Nolan is one of the few directors, whose movies’ plots are vibrant and vehement in their nature, and are fully packed with the intricate or ambiguous thoughts that, sometimes, reside their obscurity-accompanied presences yet, after the termination of the movie. This movie, released in 2014, with a rating of 8.6 on IMDb, is an exemplar of the succession of his enigmatic frame of mind. The movie is based on ‘The Science of Interstellar’, a book written by a renowned astrophysicist, Kip Thorne. The movie commences with the fact, that the Earth is no more inhabitable as the dust-storms are becoming the regular and incessant components of the planet. The farming lands are becoming the dust-bowls, and because of them, the food is insufficient to suffice the requisites of the stomach. Acknowledging it, Professor Brand is hideously programming to abscond astronauts, to harness the Earth’s gravity or, if the attempted venture is subjected to be futile, thence, to make a colony of the humans through fertilized eggs. The affection of a daughter (Murph) with his father (Cooper) and vice versa has been portrayed realistically, grievingly, fervently, and lovingly in the movie.
  2. THE IMITATION GAME: Sophie Hunter’s husband’s (Benedict Cumberbatch) spectacular and unequalled acting potential, when assisted by the thematic richness of the plot, proclaims the success of the movie (box-office success) undoubtedly. The movie, directed by Morten Tyldum, is the depiction of the life of a cryptanalyst, mathematician, inventor (Turing Machine), computer software programmer, and lecturer, Alan Turing, who was born on June 23rd 1912, two years before the World War I broke out. It is an interesting fact to be familiar with that, the person, who was born near to WWI, toiled incessantly to terminate the World War II or break the cypher of German machine “Enigma” at Bletchley Park as a cryptographer, which has been concerned chiefly in the movie, moreover, his infatuation with Christopher Morcom has an impressive standing. The promising biographical depicture of the movie earned it 8 Oscar nominations.

3. AVENGERS TETRALOGY:  The recently released (April 22nd, 2019) and the last of Avengers Tetralogy, Avengers: End Game, gained the unsurpassable exaltation by its exulted fanatics, making it the highly-grossed movie of all time, overwhelming James Cameron’s Avatar. The similitude between the four parts of Avengers abides in that; they all were released in the month of April, with a trivial dissimilarity in the releasing dates. The Avengers demonstrates the battle between Thor’s evil-natured brother, Loki, who acquires the limitless power, facilitated by the energy cube “Tesseract” to turn the world into ashes, and avengers: the superheroes (Iron Man [Robert Downey Jr.}, Captain America [Chris Evans], Hulk [Mark Ruffalo], and Black Widow [Scarlett Johansson] etc). The sequel to it appears after three years, where the Ultra is an inevitable evil, accompanied by Scarlet Witch [Elizabeth Olsen], seeking vengeance from Avengers. Thence, the avengers, knowing the evil mind of Ultra, battles against it. Whilst it, a super body, Vision, is evolved, equipped with an infinity stone controlling “mind”. With Avengers: Infinity War (rated 8.5 on IMDb), there occurs, unprecedented fame to the superheroes’ collaborative appearance, where the mightiest villain amongst all the antagonists, Thanos, attains all the infinity stones and wipes out half of the population of the world at the closure of the movie. Avengers: Endgame, which is the best rated on IMDb [8.6] amid other three, probes into the fervorous and emotional aspects of the superheroes, eventuating in the defeat of Thanos, meanwhile, the death of two superheroes (Iron Man and Black Widow) commences, producing unhalted tears from the beaming eyes. The tussle for dying to acquire “soul stone” between Black Widow and Hawkeye is worth watching, it surely sheds some tears. The fantasies of the human beings, implied evidently in these movies, are the guaranty of the highly digitalized world.

4. INCEPTION: The director, Christopher Nolan is excelled at securing praiseworthy rating at IMDb for his every movie. This movie, which won four Academy Awards, inclusive of, Academy Award for Best Cinematography, has been rated 8.8 by the critics on IMDb. Starring Leonardo Di Caprio and elderly Michael Caine, the movie exhibits the dreams within the dreams, where the ideas are incorporated in the subconscious of the targeted person and the desired information is robbed, whilst, the other person is ignorant of your presence. The clarified distinction between the reality and dream world is non-existent in the movie; hence, this makes the plot of the movie, more puzzling. It’s a noteworthy point that, I learnt word “Inception” first, from the title of this movie.

5. BATMAN TRILOGY: After leaving, Gotham, which is the hub of criminals and downtrodden people, who are battling for their survival on the streets, Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) inclines himself towards the inspection of the criminals’ minds in the Far East, how are they made up? Before it, he was vindictive to kill the murderer of his parents. Here, The League of Shadows’ leader, Ra’s al Ghul (concealing his identity) finds him and trains him in the martial arts, to bring Gotham to chaos with him. The sequel to “Batman Begins” has been watched and communicated almost a million fold. Yes, “The Dark Knight”, rated 9.0 on IMDb, focused primarily on the portrayal of a crazy and chaotic mind, which wants the disordered world, where deprived individuals prey on the privileged humans, to gratify their lustful souls. Heath Ledger, portraying the role of Joker in the movie, won the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role and numerous awards including BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role and Golden Globe Award for Supporting Role. After the accidental death, due to drug intoxication, of Heath Ledger, the story marks a shift in the last part of the trilogy, bringing back the League of Shadows, this time, the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, Talia al Ghul, companied by Bane, another member of LoS.

There can be an enormous range of additions to the above list but the Quality has been mattered or prioritized at first, the other factors come after it. Yet, the films like Shutter Island, Passengers, Arrival, The Greatest Showman, The Martian, Annihilation, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, Captain Marvel, Captain America, Iron-Man and the sequels to it, and The Wolf of the Wall Street must be watched once.


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