Freelancing has come into vogue since the inception of online entrepreneurship. Whilst business was still conducted via manual and man-led transactions, there was no need of freelancing. Employees were hired as per a proposed criterion that had to be met. For that purpose, advertisements were displayed and job interviews were conducted to hire the ones whose education and work experience ran parallel with the proposed criterion. More work meant more hiring and vice versa. But ever since the modern age of globalization has begun, work is in abundance upon which depends the wealth and prosperity of a nation. Businesses have begun expanding to do more and more.

All the fingers of the hand are now in different pots. There’s just so much to do but not scarce time for hiring workforce that is able enough for that job. Businesses have now started transacting via online services and freelancing has become a prevalent and fashionable kind of work. The modern business works through online advertisements that post work,  requiring immediate and efficient completion. For this purpose, freelancing is gaining ground on the face of the world’s working community.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing can be simply put as, working as per one’s own choice on the choosing of one’s own type of work, time and place. Freelancing also runs synonymous with self-employment. 

Freelancing is a vast and quickly growing market that is raising statistics day after day. Just in the United States, almost 35% of Americans have freelanced in the year 2018. The number of freelancers is growing exponentially and in just 5 years, a 7% increment, from 54 million to 57 million people, has been seen in the US market.

A hefty 43% of the entire US workforce is estimated to have turned freelancers by the year 2020. 

How to become a Freelancer?

Becoming a freelancer is easy. Either one can showcase one’s gig via one’s own website or already developed platforms can be used too. Once a platform is chosen, the next step is to define one’s gig or simple to say, one’s expertise in some line of work. This part also ordains profile making so that people can get a nice little introduction of your work specialty. Next comes the pricing part. You can list the price you want for you work. This part is essential to your freelance work. A moderate price is much attractive as compared to a heavy price. The goal is to attract as many customers as possible as the range of competition is notoriously high. Then comes defining the delivery time. Deliverance should be quick as efficiency and effectiveness is the need of the time. Finally, whatever you do should be quality oriented as the highest quality and cheapest price attracts the most customers in this age of ultimate competition.

Benefits of Freelancing?

With its perpetual and widespread permeability, freelancing is benefiting the business community and the local and international workforce at unprecedented scales. Below are mentioned some of the benefits of freelancing that might be of use to the readership if anyone is looking forward to working as a freelancer in the near future but hasn’t yet gotten any real reason for it. 

  1. Ease of doing business: Freelancing is easy as compared to employment as employment entails ruthless commitment to hourly deadlines whereas freelancing is limited to one’s own determination with one’s work. Freelancers usually don’t undergo pressure on deadlines as they choose their work themselves and are thus, less susceptible to mental or physical strain.
  2. Control of workload:  A freelancer is always in control of the amount of work he/she can best possible do. A freelancer has the freedom to choose his/her amount of work whilst an office employee can only say “Okay sir” at best at the first instance of a whole stack of routinely work. Freelancing also saves myriads of headaches and stress fevers that hinder active life.
  3. Work environment is your own home: It is statistically proven that working from one’s home improves work performance (efficiency plus effectiveness) by 13%. They say that there’s no place like home and its true. Home provides us with a comfortable and psychologically comforting environment with the least possible amount of stress. 
  4. You’re answerable to you only: Freelancing has the greatest benefit that it rids you of any higher authority than your own very self. There’s no boss above you. You can work whilst lying on the couch, bed, floor, playing video games, eating, bathing, etc. There won’t come any noise ordaining “Files on my desk, right now!”.
  5. Your earning is limited only to your imagination: Freelancing work provides numerous and almost limitless opportunities for earning. Freelancing though hasn’t yet become the primary employment choice for the majority, it is gaining fast ground as a second source of earning that often overtakes the primary source of earning. Freelancers around the world are earning in 6 and 7 figures and are making progressive headway in the business community.
  6. Flexibility: Freelancing can provide you with much flexibility when compared with employment. You can take out enough time for family, friends and other social relations. The ease and flexibility of freelancing has made it a top career choice for adults and youngsters around the world who want to make a pressing mark in this hectic age of globalization.

Freelancing, in its broader sense, also provides work opportunities to unemployed workforce. This workforce in return makes up a substantial share of the national economy. The US economy was benefitted with a hefty $1.4 trillion owing to this talented lot of freelancers which proved its usefulness along with the effectiveness of freelancing.

Freelancing is admittedly not the only type of self-employment out in the market but with its ease of opting for work, its quantity, the place where the work has to done along with the time of execution and deliverance, it definitely becomes a reliable career path for people who want to get the most out of their busy lives.


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