A considerable amount of the people, enriched by the instilled horrific speculations, is likely to be intimidated by the murderous events, happenings or spots, whether they are pictured in the movies or occur somewhere in actual. While, some of us are pleased by such barbarous actions, probably soothing their sadistic or evil needs. From lauded warriors to contemptible serial killers, humans have always been striving hard to find the ways or areas to control their tiny worlds independently, in accordance to their will, and when they fall through to discover official and lawful suppressive or submissive techniques, they direct them to unofficial, illegal, and criminal deeds/ approaches. The recent (last sentence) proposition complies with the remorseless acts of the serial killers, who by classification, are of four types: 1. Visionary, 2. Mission-Oriented, 3. Hedonistic Killers, and 4. Power-Oriented. The elaboration of the lives and crimes of history’s distinguished bloody-thirsty serial killers is mentioned below:


The child of 22 years old unmarried mother, Eleanor Louise Cowell and unconfirmed father, was born in Burlington, Vermont on Nov 24th, 1946, one year after the stoppage of World War II. Bundy was nourished as an adopted son of Eleanor’s parents to conceal the illegitimacy of his birth and the unreligious deed of his mother, considering the deep religious affections of Eleanor’s parents. The childhood of Bundy is denoted by the fondness of Macabre (gruesome, a miracle play containing the slaughter of Maccabees), captivation of knives, peering into the other people’s windows, and being not well with the peers at the school. In 1951, when he and his mother were in Tacoma, Washington, his mother married his step father, Jonnie Bundy, whom he resented always. Moreover, in 1972, he became a graduate when, he got a degree in Psychology from University of Washington. Before the inception of his gruesome killings in Seattle and Oregon in 1974 (according to some), his stay at the university is embittered by the breakup of his with an opulent girl, whom he loved. His horrid killings had a pattern: enticing young dark-haired females for the help, as he is injured, in his car, afterwards raping and at last slaying them. He confessed to 36 killings of young females in 1970s, but the criminologists disagree with the figure and they believe an aggregate of 100. On January 24, 1989, he was executed at the Florida State Prison in an electric chair, and 9 years before his execution, he married Carole Ann Boone, who divorced him in 1986, realizing he was guilty of the crimes.


The most sinister killer in the history of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, dubbed “Mukri”, managed to slaughter almost 100 children, aged between 6 & 16. It is interesting to be known of the motive behind his butcheries, and that is, Javed, in his early twenties was apprehended on the charges of rape, and his mother “Mukri” endeavored at her fullest to get him out of the jail, but couldn’t do it so. And before, he was released, his mother had died. Thence, he made his mind looking for vengeance, killing 100 kids, making their mothers ”cry”, what his mother did during his imprisonment. For accomplishing his target, he targeted penurious kids, who would love to abscond from their families and orphans, who were merciless, through his video games’ shop, fish aquarium and a gym. He would take his victims to his house, sexually assault them, strangle them to death, cutting the bodies’ parts, and dissolving the parts in HCL to erase any clues about his deeds. In December 1999, he sent a letter to the police and Local newspaper, confessing his crimes. In 2000, the judge, Allah Baksh, sentenced him remarking “The sentence is that he should be strangled 100 times, his body should be cut into 100 pieces and put in acid, as he did with his victims”. Before, this would have been happened; he committed suicide inside the jail. 



The kid, shackled with the conceptions of superiority over his capabilities, instilled in him by his mother, who fought with terminal lung cancer and was nursed by her kid till her death, was born on January 14, 1946. Shipman pursued in medical studies, studying at Leeds School of Medicine, and becoming the physician in the end. During the caretaking of his mother, he was fascinated by the positive impact of morphine on her. This fascination led him to kill at least 215 patients of his. He intentionally prescribed the overdose of morphine or diamorphine to his patients that led to an immense tally of deaths, which instigated a suspicion in the minds of a local undertaker and another medical colleague of Shipman, Dr. Susan Booth, who oversaw the unusual cremation certificates signed off by Shipman and reported to the police. Fortunately, despite of the clues, the progress over the investigation was shoddy and it made possible for Shipman to kill three more patients. But later, the killing of 81 years old woman, Kathleen Grundy paved the way for his apprehension after the post-mortem revealed the overdose of morphine in her body, whose will was forged by Shipman, assisted by the doubts of her daughter (Angela Woodruff, a lawyer) in 1998. In 2000, he was convicted on 15 counts of murder and a forgery. Before, the court had furthered in its decisions, Shipman was found dead, hanging in his prison cell, using bed sheets tied to the windows’ bars. 


The serial killer, have IQ of 128, and known for his slow gait and sloping posture, targeted young prostitutes for his ghastly killings.  He was born on January 20, 1959 and after three weeks of his birth; he was adopted by his foster parents, Bernard and Jeanne Rifkin. Unlike Ted Bundy, Rifkin struggled hard in the academics and was the recurrent victim of school bullies. Long Island Killer incepted the strangulation of prostitutes in March 1989, killing a young prostitute named, Susie at his Long Island house. In June 1993, at night, police troopers took a notice of blue-colored truck, missing the license plate. They starting chasing it and after some minutes chase, Rifkin panicked and crashed his truck into a utility pole, the troopers surrounded him and detected a pungent odor from the back of the truck, and they found the corpse of Tiffany Bresciani, the latest and last victim of Joel Rifkin. He confessed to the 17 murders of prostitutes, describing or naming all the murdered and where he buried or hided their corpses. Rifkin is eligible for parole in 2197, after serving 203 years in prison.   


Dahmer, known as Milwaukee Cannibal, was convicted of butchering 17 men over the course of 13 years from 1978-1991. Jeffery told that before strangling his victims, he drugged them. And after strangulation, he performed weird experiments on victims, such as drilling holes into their skulls and have sex with the corpses. He elaborated that he yearned to make a shrine of the skeletons of his victims. In 1994, he was killed by inmate Christopher Scarver in the prison and before it, he was sentenced to 800 years in prison.


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